Member Protection

Working with Children 

All Club Volunteers including Coaches and Managers who work with players under 18 years of age must complete a working with children check. It is free for unpaid volunteers. When you receive approval, which typically takes 2 weeks, please forward this to the Member Protection Officer.

All queries, issues or complaints are to be directed to the Member protection Officer in the first instance.


UNSW Codes of Conduct

Water Polo Australia Member Protection Policy




Insurance Regulations require you to be Registered & Fees Paid before you can play.

You cannot enter the water for games unless you have paid your fees, your teammates, your coaches, your committee and most importantly you yourself are NOT insured until you have paid your fees.

You are putting the entire club at risk if you are not insured, therefore unless payment has been made your coaches and committee members will not allow you in the water.

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