The Originals

The Originals team of 1965

Western Suburbs Amateur Water Polo Club was formed in 1965 by the amalgamation of Ashfield and Enfield Amateur Water Polo Clubs, with the main purpose entering First Division. This was accomplished after three successful seasons in Second Division. The 30 players who played in 1965 are listed below including the number of games they have played for the club.

At the recent 50th Anniversary dinner we were lucky enough to have 14 of the originals together for a group photo.



(left to right) Ray Garrick, Dick Medbury, Bob Groves, Brian Gilbert, Mark Persi, Graham Wulf, Peter Wulf, Peter Grant, Gary Stutsel, John Porter, Ian Ferrier, Tenno Koolberg, Ken Dobbins, Graeme Trevenar.

Player Name # Games
Collins, Tom 179
Hunter, Alan 39
Persi, Mark 511
Wulf, Graham 871
Gilbert, Brian 355
Groves, Robert 298
Stutsel, Gary 73
Wulf, Peter 65
Trevenar, Greg 27
Ferrier, Ian 24
Brennan, Colin 28
Grant, Peter 190
Porter, John 89
Flynn, Don 160
Guard, Peter 43
Stanford, Geoff 13
Stutsel, Robert 13
Trevenar, Graeme 95
Brennan, Peter 17
Rankin, Col 61
Dobbins, Ken 36
Medbury, Dick 72
Koolberg, Tenno 20
Lewis, John 13
Bartlett, Pete 19
Bull, Dave 6
Cowan, Jim 8
Franklin, Trevo 5
Garrick, Ray 4
Cummins, Peter 3

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