Code of Conduct

UNSW Wests Water Polo Club

Terms and Conditions of Registration

All registrations are subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the UNSW Wests Water Polo Club.

Please note that payment of the listed fees does not,

· guarantee selection in a particular team

· include pool entry to pools for both training and games (unless specifically included e.g. in some development camps)

· include the cost of additional training above and beyond normal team training and the club reserves the right to charge and invoice on a user pay basis if extra costs are incurred e.g. extra pool hire.

  1. Registration

Required to register with UNSW Water Polo.

New rules:Club registration now covers your registration with WPNSW and your insurance. If you are not registered with UNSW Water Polo you cannot get in the pool or you and your team will be disqualified (will be strictly enforced).

By registering with UNSW Wests Water Polo Club all Club Members will familiarise themselves with and comply with the Water Polo New South Wales Member Protection Policy 20 June 2016, or as amended.

WPNSW Member Protection Policy is available for all members to view on our website. Adapted from Water Polo Australia National Member Protection Policy, it is an integral part of the WPNSW’s proactive and preventative approach to providing a safe and comfortable environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

The WPNSW Member Protection Policy also provides procedures that support WPNSW’s commitment to eliminating discrimination, harassment, child abuse and other forms or inappropriate behaviour from water polo and to ensure everyone involved is aware of their ethical and legal rights & responsibilities.

In addition, all Club Members will comply with the appropriate sections of the below Code of Conduct.

  1. Payment

Credit or Debit card payments ONLY. Surcharge is covered by the club.

No bank transfers.

No pay, no play.

Active Kids Provider

Junior parents you can now apply for an Active Kids voucher and use it for Summer registration. Enter the code during registration and receive $100.00 off.

  1. Insurance

Insurance Regulations require you to be Registered & your fees paid before you can play.

  1. Medical

Water Polo is at physical contact sport. By registering myself/my child, I declare that I/they are fit to participate in all activities. I understand that these programs, activities, games and training elements are hazardous by nature and I assume all risks of injuries arising from participation. I release, indemnify and hold harmless UNSW Wests Water Polo Club and its Committee members, employees, coaches, managers and representatives from any claim, demand or action arising in connection with participation.

Consent for Medical Treatment/Liability Release: I hereby indemnify UNSW Wests Water Polo Club against responsibility for any accident, loss or injury suffered by my child/children during the course of these activities. Should at any time UNSW Wests Water Polo Club or its representatives consider that I or my child requires medical or hospital treatment, I consent to you obtaining this at my expense.

Pre-existing medical conditions: I confirm that I have informed UNSW Wests Water Polo Club Executive Committee in writing of all relevant pre-existing medical conditions.

  1. Marketing

I give permission to UNSW Wests Water Polo Club to use the player's picture or likeness in promotion of UNSW Wests Water Polo Club in printed or electronic media, including the website.

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